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Camby Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale in Camby, Indiana

Camby is a neighborhood in Decatur Township that extends into neighboring counties and in many ways has a culture all its own. Camby is known for its extremely friendly residents who never hesitate to welcome newcomers and hail old friends alike. Camby is a peaceful community with plenty of opportunities for families to raise children in safety and sunshine.

Camby sits on the southwest side of Indianapolis, right off of State Road 67 and south of I-70 and I-465. It is located in a truly ideal spot, giving residents a suburban feel, yet close to the advantages of the urban realms of Indianapolis. Camby residents have easy access to a wide range of metropolitan delights, although the community itself is quiet and stress-free. They can also easily make their way into the southern areas of Indiana with natural areas such as Brown County State Park and the Morgan-Monroe State Forest, both about an hour away.

If you want to enjoy the delights of the big city without living in one, Camby may be the place for you. To learn more about this hospitable community, consider talking to a Tucker realtor. Tucker realtors know all there is to know about homes for sale in Camby, and with their knowledge on your side, you'll have no problem finding the house of your dreams.


Camby Area Homes

Camby's homes vary from historic to modern with the aesthetic taste of many different eras on display in façades and along the downtown region. Much of Camby feels like a classic American small town. Neat plots allow children room to explore and avoid crowding people together while still fostering a sense of closeness and community. Camby's homes come in many construction styles, so be sure to mention your preference to one of our realtors. A Tucker realtor will be happy to find you a home that suits your needs while satisfying your wants.


Shopping and Dining

Camby is a friendly place with plenty of great local businesses supported by residents. You can find all you need within city limits, and with Indianapolis just beyond town, there is no item that can't be found after a short drive. Some of the best local stores include Menard's, Gold Dragon Ink, and the Eureka Science Corporation.

You're sure to find friendly service no matter where you choose to do your eating in and around Camby. El Rodeo is one of the most popular local places with authentic south-of-the-border flavors in everything from nachos to burritos. The Side Wok Café is another top choice, serving exotic flavors that grace dishes piled high with food. Other options range from national chains to local barbeque joints.

Of course, if you really want to cash in on shopping or dining, Indianapolis is the place to go. As Indiana's urban center, this great metropolis is simply the finest option when it comes to stores and restaurants. You'll find intricately crafted exotic pieces, outlandishly flavored dishes, and amazing American products that range from bourbon to barbeque in Indianapolis. And when the day is done, Camby is a short drive away.


Culture and Entertainment

Camby is home to a thriving pub and bar scene with numerous venues that host local musicians while offering great food and a host of beers and spirits. Both Kat's Pub and Ethan's Bar and Grill draw crowds on weekend nights, and everything from blues to electronic music guide the night onward.

If you're an outdoor lover, Morgan-Monroe State Forest is an absolute must. The forest covers over 20,000 acres of preserved land with hardwood trees lining the horizon on all sides. The forest offers visitors the chance to explore by hiking, hunting, or fishing and includes plenty of great campsites. During the fall the forest lights up in brilliant hues of orange and red, a stunning testament to the power of sunlight and the seasons. Brown County State Park, just south of the Morgan-Monroe State Forest, also offers a chance to get outside and is perfect for biking and horseback riding and includes a waterpark that adds to the allure of Indiana’s beautiful scenery.

Of course, Indianapolis may be the most popular choice when it comes to leisure time. With everything from car racing to concerts, the city boasts options galore. Museums and art galleries satisfy art buffs while locally-run theater companies maintain a busy string of performances alongside touring international companies. The Indianapolis Zoo is a must for children, and plenty of beautiful parks provide a great place to relax at the end of the day.


Careers and Industry

Camby's proximity to Indianapolis gives its residents access to a whole range of employment opportunities. Camby is located toward the outskirts of Decatur Township, and many of its residents are far removed enough from the urban sprawl to maintain their own plots of land. Agriculture is just one of many options; however, those looking for employment in other sectors often have a short drive to find it. Your Tucker realtor may be able to find you a home that cuts down on the time you spend in the car and the money you spend at the pump.



Camby is served by the Metropolitan School District of Decatur Township. The youngest learners here attend West Newton Elementary School where they pick up the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic. From there, students move to Decatur Middle School, connecting with students from all over the township, and then to Decatur Central High School. Camby's students are presented with a challenging academic schedule as well as a busy list of extracurricular opportunities that span varsity sports, arts, and civics activities.

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