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My earliest memories of joy always revolved around Home. Who was there, what it smelled like, what season it was and how my mom decorated it, entertaining friends and family and the stories that my parents told about their home growing up. In good times and in bad, it is a place to unplug, connect, and put the pieces back together safely. In 2013 I took leap of faith and went into Real Estate. The experience I gained in the 12 years of running my own salon with up to 20 employees was exactly what I needed to make the transition into Real Estate.

Watching the Market crash and seeing how strongly it affected so many families including my own, my heart went out to the families that feared losing their homes. Through personal experience I learned that a home has nothing to do with size or value, it’s about the people within it. The meaning of home is different to different people, it should be chosen with your heart, not your head.

The key to creating a home is about your living space reflecting who you are.

I have grown and lived in Hendricks County since 1979. My husband Brian is a Career Firefighter and together we have raised 3 wonderful young men, two Puggles, one Samoyed, and one Basset Hound. Their support and belief in me is what motivated me to land my dream job.

My primary goal is to serve each of my clients to the point of complete satisfaction in the housing market process so that they can count on me as their Realtor for life.

Contact me today and together, let’s find your new dream home.

What Is Your Home Worth?

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Find the market value of your home compared to other homes in your area for FREE!

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