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Jonesboro Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale in Jonesboro, Indiana

The residents of Jonesboro seek to honor the past while building for the future. This means balancing growth with values like quality-of-life and ecological sustainability. It also means inspiring an active civic life where each resident contributes to the community environment. Jonesboro's residents are known for their friendly and welcoming spirits, which make the town a great place for families, children, and older couples alike. The town sits right along the Mississinewa River, a beautiful waterway that allows lush growth for all to enjoy.

Jonesboro was established back in 1837, nearly 200 years ago. Since that time, the city has contributed to the economic development of the entire region. Today, Jonesboro sits just east of I-69, near Gas City. Residents have easy access to a wide variety of leisure and business opportunities while they live in Jonesboro. For example, Indianapolis with all of its athletic events, arts, museums, and shopping and dining, lies just about an hour to the south. Meanwhile, plenty of state parks and beautiful recreation areas are within easy reach. Some of the most popular small towns in the area include Hartford City, Marion, and Gas City.

If you're thinking of settling down in a friendly and welcoming community, consider making the move out to Jonesboro. To learn more about this friendly town, simply speak to a Tucker realtor. Our realtors are highly informed, and they'll be happy to tell you all you need to know about homes for sale in the area. With their help at your side, the perfect home for you and your family is just a few steps away.


Homes in the Jonesboro Area

Thanks to Jonesboro's storied past, there are many historic buildings in town. You can find prime examples of the days when Jonesboro stood along the frontier as well as more classic brick buildings that stand as testaments to the small town Indiana aesthetic. However, Jonesboro also features plenty of great homes built in more modern styles. These include both large properties and simple houses that are perfect for a retiring couple. If you have a specific aesthetic preference in mind, consider speaking to a Tucker realtor. Our realtors are highly knowledgeable, and they'll be sure to tell you all you need to know about homes for sale in the area.


Shopping and Dining

Between Jonesboro and Gas City, on the other side of the Mississinewa River, residents have plenty of choices when it comes to shopping. From locally owned crafts stores to nationally recognizable brands, there are options for everyone. You can find leather and upholstery shops in Jonesboro along with more standard retail stores. On the other side of the river, fireworks, grocery stores, pharmacies, and clothing stores compete for business along US-35.

There are options for every palate when it comes to dining, and at each establishment you're sure to find great prices on dishes piled high with food. And as for the service, it's exactly what you'd expect from an Indiana small town. Great pizza and Mexican food joints attract visitors from all over. So do diners serving up classic American flavors. In addition to these choices, many people enjoy the region's barbeque. Finally, with a number of bars, the late night options are impressive as well.


Culture and Entertainment

When Jonesboro's citizens get some free time, many of them choose to spend it outdoors. The Mississinewa, passing right along the border of town, provides plenty of opportunities for relaxation and rest. The Gas City Park, located across the river, has many picnic areas and sporting facilities, making it a popular choice for young people and families. Many people head over the interstate to the Taylor Wilderness, owned and sponsored by Taylor University. The Taylor Wilderness offers great hiking trails with plenty of wooded areas and rivers appealing to those who want to get away from it all.

When it comes to man-made entertainment options, many travel to Indianapolis for the night or weekend. Indianapolis offers a compelling array of options for culture and sports, music and partiers with plenty of options for families and single people. Museums, galleries, concert halls, and high art thrives in Indianapolis. So do popular concerts, and a number of great names come through town each month. From Colts games to the Indy 500, sports fans are often more than content after a weekend in Indianapolis.


Careers and Industry

Jonesboro sits in a highly agricultural area, and many of the city's jobs are farm related. Labor and mechanical expertise come highly valued in such areas, especially if any specialized training is necessary. Harvest is a busy time of year. There are also many openings in Gas City as well as nearby towns and cities. Taylor University is a great place to work if you're in the education field. Talk to your Tucker realtor about your career path if you want to cut down on your commute.



Students in Jonesboro start out at Westview Elementary, where they learn the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic before moving on to RJ Baskett Middle School in Gas City. The final step comes at Mississinewa High School, where students pick up advanced skills in the humanities and sciences while playing sports and remaining engaged in arts and other disciplines. By the time these students graduate, they are more than ready for college and careers.

Tucker Customer Care, REALTOR®/Broker, F. C. Tucker Company, Inc.
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