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Noblesville Homes with Price Reductions

Homes for Sale in Noblesville, Indiana

Just north of the sprawl of Indianapolis, Noblesville offers a community of convenience for those looking to enjoy a metropolitan lifestyle without living in the big city. That's not to say that Noblesville is small. In fact it's one of the larger cities in the state. That said, Noblesville is a haven for those who enjoy wide-open spaces, featuring a vast public parks system, tree-lined neighborhoods, and access to Morse Lake.

Once upon a time, Noblesville was home to one man, William Conner. Along with his Lenape wife, he opened central Indiana's first trading post. Today, his house still stands as part of a living history museum celebrating the city's early heritage. But such embracing of heritage is common in Noblesville and is seen in the preservation of numerous historic neighborhoods, resistance to outright urbanization, and a slew of enduring traditions that are integral to its welcoming spirit.

It is that particular spirit that makes Noblesville an excellent choice for putting down roots. If you'd like to explore the opportunities in Noblesville, you've made a choice that might promise many years of happy and fruitful living. The community offers a high quality of life that few other towns and cities can match. However, part of realizing that quality of life is finding the perfect home you imagined from your best dreams. And with vast resources and experience at their disposal, Tucker realtors can help you find that place.  


Noblesville Area Homes

Noblesville’s historic neighborhoods and economic reach mean those searching for area homes are going to find a number of enticing options on the market. Houses to suit any taste in style might be available at any given time, whether you're looking for something with a little history behind it or something with unique modern spaces. Likewise, you'll have options when it comes to personal space as well.

Noblesville features many neighborhoods with more densely packed houses where good neighbors and communities often make for a great ambience. Or for those who value more privacy, you'll also find homes that are further out from the central community, offering perhaps larger lots and a bit more peace. What is abundantly clear is that Noblesville offers many choices to sort through. A Tucker realtor in Noblesville can help you make sense of those choices, and with that knowledge in hand, we help you find a home that best matches your preferences.  


Shopping and Dining

Shopping in Noblesville is always a treat and certainly a perk of owning a home there. Historic Downtown Noblesville is full of charming specialty stores, antique shops, and similar shops. Adding to its appeal is the Hamilton Town Center, an open-air streetscape shopping environment that serves as an addendum to downtown. Shoppers there can indulge in a diverse offering of venues that range from both locally-owned crafts stores to national retail outlets. This area also features excellent dining options with establishments to suit any taste or budget.

Several other malls and plazas can be found in central Noblesville. The same is true of grocery stores, big box stores, and service shops. This means that homeowners in Noblesville will be able to remain in town for any of their basic needs.

Living just north of Indianapolis and near the north side promises Noblesville residents easy access to many big city commercial amenities without hassle. It should come as no surprise that Indianapolis is the commercial center of Indiana, and thus offers several upscale shopping districts and locations along with a thriving culinary scene. 


Culture and Entertainment

As a city rife with history, Noblesville offers plenty of culture for its residents to embrace. This includes a number of historical structures, perhaps highlighted by Courthouse Square where you can tour the historic Hamilton County Courthouse and Jail, both constructed in the 1870s. Museums such as the Indianapolis Transportation Museum and galleries like the Birdie are also there to be explored. Noblesville offers venues for music, comedy, and performing arts as well. The Belfry Theatre is among the most popular where in addition to catching live shows, you can also take acting classes and audition for community theater. For more film options, the town also houses cinemas for both classic and first-run movies.

For outdoor enthusiasts Noblesville offers excellent in-town facilities. This includes numerous large parks like Forest Park, Dr. James A. Dillon Park, and Morse Beach. Morse Reservoir is perfect for swimming, boating, and other water-based activities. Golfers will find themselves well taken care off since Noblesville is home to several major golf courses and clubs. 

Of course, it’s hard not to live in Noblesville without taking advantage of the rich cultural promise of Indianapolis. This city is home to several designated cultural districts including Broad Ripple Village, Canal and White River State Park, Fountain Square, Indiana Avenue, Mass. Avenue, Market East, and the Wholesale District. Within these distinctive neighborhoods, you can find live music, comedy, theater, shopping, and dining. Connecting these districts is the Indianapolis Cultural Trail where you can bike or walk between destinations.

The city is also home to many famous monuments, museums, and galleries. Venues such as the Indiana Convention Center also host many large events, and the city celebrates several popular festivals such as Indy Jazz Fest, the Indiana State Fair, the Heartland Film Festival as well as the famous Indy 500 Festival, a month-long celebration culminating in the Indianapolis 500 auto race. In addition to its popular racing scene, the city is also home to the Pacers, the Colts and a number of other sports teams.          


Careers and Industry

As part of the Indianapolis metropolitan area, Noblesville is also a part of one of the best job markets in the nation. Noblesville itself offers an enticing place for businesses to set up shop, offering low startup costs, a skilled workforce, and a commitment to investment in infrastructure and development in the city. This latter point is evident in the 3,600-acre Corporate Campus, which opened in 2004. This high-tech industrial park houses businesses specializing in health sciences and technology among other fields. The major sectors of employment in the metropolitan area as a whole are manufacturing, healthcare, education, social services, and retail trade.

Whether you're planning on working in town or in Indianapolis, owning a home in Noblesville generally means a relatively easy commute to work. If commuting is a concern for you, be sure to mention that concern to your Tucker realtor, and they may be able to find a home that helps minimize your drive time.  



Noblesville public education students attend schools overseen by either the Hamilton Southeastern Schools Corporation or by Noblesville Schools, depending on where your home is located. These system features several elementary schools spread throughout town, ensuing small classroom sizes and short distances from home during a child's early learning years. For students living in town, the elementary school system feeds into two middle schools, Noblesville East and West.

There students enjoy access to more educational choices and extracurricular activities that prepare them for the challenges of high school. Noblesville High School offers a top-notch education in which students are prepared for a world where success increasingly depends on technological proficiency with a curriculum that balances tradition and innovation. This includes the use of a 1:1 learning setup, featuring student-issued tablets. The high school also offers a broad range of athletic and academic clubs as well as opportunities for community service.

Noblesville also offers several private school options for parents to consider. Your Tucker realtor can help you explore these options if you intend to send children to private school including looking at homes to help lower commute times to these schools.

Noblesville Office | F.C. Tucker Company, Inc.
F.C. Tucker Company, Inc.
100 Lakeview Drive
Noblesville, IN  46060
(317) 776-0200

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