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Rossville Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale in Rossville, Indiana

Rossville is a town in central Indiana with the motto “"Where You Feel At Home.” When you see this beautiful small-town, we’re sure you’ll agree. It’s a smaller town, but it’s one that’s perfectly located and filled with the kind of charm you can’t find anywhere else. This town is stunningly picture perfect during every season and filled with neighbors and strong community ties that make this community truly feel like home.

For a town of its size, Rossville is packed with a surprising number of community events. The close-knit residents have such pride in their community that they have a formal name for its residents: “Rossvillians.” Rossvillians love getting together for festivals, and the largest one is no doubt the massive multi-day summer end festival held during the weekend in August. This festival draws curious visitors from all over the state.

Our realtors would very much love to show you around this close-knit community. The people here are very welcoming of newcomers, and there’s plenty more to enjoy in the homes and the features that keep people so loyal to their little town. There are plenty of homes for sale in Rossville, and our realtors can introduce you to the ones that will best fit your needs. Call our realtors today to begin the process of finding your dream home in Rossville.


Homes in Rossville

Rossville homes come in many different varieties. The town has been growing since the early 1830s, and that means there are many great homes with a fantastic historical look. Of course, the charms of the town mean that people are constantly moving here and bringing the latest architectural styles with them. If you’re looking for a modern home with great amenities, our realtors will definitely be able to help you.

Just as when it comes to style, there’s a lot of variety in the prices of the homes that are available here. The area is highly valued, and there are some incredibly stately homes, particularly where Victorian styles are concerned. There are also some very nice and large lots surrounding the town where you can find a lot of room to breathe. Of course, this is still an American small town, and our realtors can help you find homes that fit smaller family budgets.

Homes in Rossville are very well located for whatever you need. Other great towns in the area include Frankfort, which is slightly larger and has plenty for you to explore only 20 minutes south. If you want a larger city that offers you a lot more Lafayette is also only 20 minutes away and is one of the largest regional hubs with shopping, dining, and all the enrichment offered by Purdue University.


Shopping and Dining

This town is small, and that’s certainly the way that the residents prefer it, but it does mean you may need to do a bit of traveling when it comes to shopping and dining. That’s not to say there’s nothing in town. In fact the main streets have a number of impressive options when it comes to small-town dining and crafts. You also won’t have to go very far to find new options because this town is surrounded by many other charming small towns.

Frankfort is the best place to visit if you want to pick up all of your essentials in one trip. This town isn’t even half an hour away, and it has everything from your basic groceries to a healthy culture of great local restaurants. You can find so much along Frankfort’s Walnut Avenue. While you have tons of options in Frankfort, you’ll find even more of them in Lafayette.

Lafayette is where you want to go if you want access to everything beyond your essentials. Purdue University is right here in town and supports a very lively shopping and restaurant scene. If the options here aren’t enough for you, Indianapolis is about two hours away—the perfect distance for a comfortable day trip.


Culture and Entertainment

Rossville is not low on culture despite being a town of only a few thousand people. The town calendar usually has something interesting throughout the year although the Summer End Festival is the largest. This festival always takes place on the last full weekend of August and includes everything from fireworks to contests to a massive community garage sale.

If you need more culture, you won’t have any trouble finding it within a few miles. Because Lafayette serves Purdue College, the nightlife scene is always rocking here if that’s what you’re into. If you prefer more laid back fun, you’ll find no shortage at all of concerts, festivals, and other common forms of entertainment.


Careers and Industry

There aren’t many businesses in town, but there is usually work available in the agricultural industry around the town. Many people who live in Rossville choose to commute to either Frankfort or Lafayette. Both of these cities have many jobs available, and major employers like hospitals, universities, and factories are readily available here. Our realtors can tell you more about the careers that are available around the town and help you find a home that makes your commute easy.



The Rossville Consolidated School District manages the school in town, and it’s one of the only remaining schools left in Indiana that houses Grades K–12 in a single facility. Kids of all ages interact here instead of being separated into different ages.

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