Top 10 Places to Hide Your Valuables

Last week, we looked at the 10 Worst Places to Hide Your Valuables from burglars. This week, we’ll tell you the 10 Best Places. According to a recent article by Bocc Home Inspections, good places to hide your possessions include these:

# 1 – Hollowed-out books. Word has it that criminals tend to avoid books like the plague, and if you have only a few books on a bookshelf, this may be a clue that they’re actually hiding places. “So,” the article advises, “make sure your library is large enough to serve as a tedious place to search.”

# 2 – A false VHS tape or VHS carton. This advice may be dated, as almost no one actually uses VHS tapes anymore. But if you have some handy, and go this route, the advice regarding books applies – more is better.

# 3 – “False containers in the kitchen cupboard, under the sink, and in the bathroom – such as fake food cans and boxes and false cleaning products.” I’m assuming what the author means here is just your empty cans and boxes of these products.

# 4 – Under the plastic liner of a bathroom or kitchen trash bag. “No one wants to go pawing through your trash in the slim hope of finding something worth pawning.”

# 5 – Interestingly, the article suggests the 5th best place to hide your items is wrapped in plastic and aluminum foil in the back of the freezer. It continues, “This is also a good place to store documents and paper currency in case of fire.”

# 6 – In a floor safe in the bedroom closet. “While this location may be obvious, a burglar would have to exert a lot of time and energy – and create a lot of noise – trying to break into a floor safe, which is also generally of the heavy variety, making it not only hard to open, but hard to steal whole, if the thief had plans to break into it later.”

# 7 – Inside a house plant. “A plant’s soil can be contained in a waterproof liner that can be lifted to hide items underneath. Just make sure the items you’re hiding are in a waterproof container too.”

# 8 – Inside a false wall outlet. Just make sure it’s not a live receptacle or in the way of any electric wiring,” the article warns.

# 9 – “Within hollowed-out/removable building components, such as wainscoting, floor panels, door jambs, window sills and cabinet doors.”  Speaking personally, this would be too much trouble for me.

# 10 – The last best place to hide your valuables is in the garage, “inside boxes marked with mundane labels such as Xmas Ornaments, Kids Clothes or School Projects. Again, the more boxes you have, the longer the burglar will have to search – if he’s so inclined – to find something worth stealing. I like this one a lot and know would use it.


So, there you go. Some good ideas to keep your items safe in a sometimes unsafe world.