Get Pre-Approved

Tucker Mortgage

Nearly all real estate purchases today require a qualified lender “Pre-Approval” letter to be submitted with the purchase agreement. Tucker Mortgage Loan Officers are available to provide the appropriate documentation for your Real Estate Agent, on your behalf, and this is provided freewith no obligation for you to finance with Tucker Mortgage. We pride ourselves on having a high percentage of buyers’ who request pre-approval letters, and who ultimately secure their home financing with Tucker Mortgage.

A Pre-Approval is significantly different than a Pre-Qualification. A Pre-Qualification is simply asking a prospective buyer about their income and current debts. The information provided is not verified and their credit report is typically not pulled. For a Pre-Approval, a buyer’s income, assets, employment information, and credit report are verified based on documentation provided. A Pre-Approval also allows the Loan Officer to convey to the Realtor general details of the Pre-Approval, such as the type of loan and term a buyer would like to have for their mortgage. Tucker Mortgage is one of the few lenders that will offer a true and accurate Pre-Approval letter. An offer is many times viewed as “stronger” if it is accompanied by a true Pre-Approval letter.

There are 3 ways you may apply for a Pre-Approval with a local, licensed Tucker Mortgage Loan Officer: In Person, over the phone, or online from the Tucker Mortgage website at www.tuckermortgage.com. Thank you for your consideration, we look forward to working with you!

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