Finding a REALTOR®

There are many compelling reasons to use a licensed REALTOR® when you sell a home. Namely they have access to resources consumers don’t have on their own, extensive networks, training and expertise, and the experience and knowledge to help you get the best result. On top of that, they are skilled negotiators. Simply put, they save you time and money and give you peace of mind whether selling your first or fifth home.

Friends + Family.

Asking your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues which agents they have worked with is a great place to start. Your inner circle won’t lead you astray. If they were happy with their agent, chances are you will be too.

Look Around:

Which agents have “For Sale” signs in your preferred neighborhoods? Chances are, that is someone you should interview. Search brokerage websites and pay attention to ads. If you are seeing a name over and over, maybe check them out. You can research potential agents by typing their first and last name followed by “REALTOR®” into your browser. You should find profiles on several websites about that agent. Take a read and see what you think.

Training + Support.

When you begin to interview agents, make sure to look into the resources available to them from their brokerage. Are they getting the best training and support that will lead to a successful result for you?


Be sure to discuss with potential agents how - and especially how often - they plan to communicate with you. It’s fair, and helpful, for you to let the agent know your expectations for preferred methods of communication. Your agent is your partner, but is working for you.

CMA + Process.

Don’t engage with an agent until you know how, and fully understand, what the process will be like. REALTORS® are wonderful teachers and counselors, your new agent should fully explain what the buying process will entail and how their services will help you through it all. Agents interested in representing you will provide you with a Comparitive Market Anaylysis (CMA) which will give you a feel for what similar homes in similar neighborhoods have recently sold for. This will be an important part of the pricing strategy developed between you and your agent.

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