Heather Tucker


Serving people is my passion and I'm so grateful & humbled to be able to do that through Real Estate. For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed driving around looking at homes. When I discovered you could get online and look at pictures of the inside of homes I was ecstatic!  My mom was a realtor when I was in high school and I remember how much she loved it and that stuck with me. When Pinterest came about, I knew I was in trouble and don't even talk about Fixer Upper!! But even more than loving homes and all that go with them, I love people! When I was growing up I was extremely shy so I didn't interact much with people other than my closest friends and family. Once I outgrew that, I found out what I had been missing...people are AMAZING and I have no idea what I was so scared of!

I guess the reason I love real estate so much is because I love serving. To be able to help someone find a place to live & know that they are going to be having dinners and holidays there brings me so much joy it's hard to understand and it certainly doesn't feel like work.

I spent 14 years working in the foundation construction industry which allowed me to learn so much about real estate starting from the ground up...literally!! Also having been married to a home inspector for 22 years allowed me a little extra knowledge. When I walk into a home I'm not only looking at the pretty kitchen I'm also checking out the ceiling for evidence of leaks and I'm looking at the roof for signs of damage. It's actually pretty cool to be able to know how to spot those types of things.

I am also a firm believer in working hard and being available. If I am going to be in a career that serves people then I need to be accessible to those people. If I can answer my phone then I do just that. There's nothing more frustrating to me then having to leave a voice mail and waiting for a call back.

When I decided to finally get my real estate license and I was considering where to work it was not a hard decision. I mean Heather TUCKER...come on! I really couldn't work anywhere else could I? I get asked all the time if I am THE Tucker and I say, yes, I sure am THE HEATHER TUCKER Smile But in all seriousness, F.C. Tucker Company is an amazing company to work for. I am honored to be a part of this amazing group of people. This company TRULY cares about their employees!

I serve ALL counties surrounding AND including Marion. So if you or anyone you know is looking to buy or sell a home I would love the opportunity to serve you! 

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