FAQ for Tucker Referrals Inc.

How do I place a referral?

The Tucker Referral Associate must make contact with the customer and get permission to refer the customer. The Tucker Referral Associate would obtain as much information as possible. For example, the customer name, phone number(s), physical address, email address, area of interest, type of home (single family home, condo, townhouse?), price range, and any other information necessary to place the referral with a Real Estate Broker. The more information the Tucker Referral Associate can obtain the easier it will be to meet the expectations of the customer which will result in a referral fee. To place your referral, call Tucker Referrals at 317-571-2200 or send email to: tuckerreferrals@talktotucker.com. Referrals from Tucker Referral Associates are placed with a 30% referral fee.

What properties can I refer?

You can refer any type of marketable real estate anywhere in the United States. Referral fees are not paid on rental/lease transactions or mobile homes. Commercial and Industrial transactions will vary from company to company.

Can I request an F.C. Tucker agent to receive my referral?

YES! You can request a "preferred" Tucker agent to receive your referrals. Tucker Referrals, Inc. will place the referral with that individual then generate and execute all the paperwork. However, if the Referral Associate does not direct the referral to a specific agent, Tucker Referrals Inc, can assist and match the customer with an agent that meets their needs. All referrals are placed with an F.C. Tucker agent without exception, unless the customer needs are outside of F.C. Tucker's service area.

Should I call the agent direct with the referral?

We prefer that you call Tucker Referrals first. We will make contact with the agent for you. This way we can avoid miscommunication that could cause you to receive a lesser referral fee than expected, or possibly, nothing at all. All referrals are placed at a 30% referral fee.

Can I be actively involved in the solicitation and follow through on referrals?

You can be as detached or involved as you wish. We suggest that you follow up with your customer at least once a month. You will also be given the assigned agents name and office number should you need to contact them directly for any reason.

How do I get paid?

When a real estate transaction closes, the agent will pay Tucker Referrals Inc. a 30% referral fee from their gross commission. The referral check is processed and sent to you the same business day it is received. The Tucker Referral Associate will retain 20% of the referred side's commission and the company retains 10% totaling a 30% fee. See example below.

Fee Breakdown
Sales Price287,000
Our Commission Rate 3.5%
Referred Side Commission10,045.00
Referral Fee20%
(Paid to Tucker Referral Agent)2,009.00
Administrative Feee10%
(Paid to F.C. Tucker Company, Referrals Division)1004.50
How much can I make as an active member of the referral network?

Your earnings will be based on the number and sales price of successful closings you generate.

Are taxes deducted from earnings?

No. At year-end you will receive a 1099 to report your earnings.

How can I generate more referrals? How can I prospect for referrals?

Make certain all family members and friends contact you before they contact a real estate company on their own. Share the F. C. Tucker market update with contacts, reminding them you can connect them to a real estate professional to assist. You will receive the market update every month from Tucker Referrals Inc. Our marketing department offers business cards and postcards for a nominal fee, as well as a FREE social media graphic that you can customize. Promote your referral license to others. You can help connect them to a real estate professional today!

Thinking about reactivating your license?

Our management team can help you activate your license. We look forward to sitting down with you to discuss your business plan, office location and reintroduce you to all of our marketing tools and training.

Contact us at tuckerreferrals@talktotucker.com or call 317-571-2200 during normal business hours.