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Rockville Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale in Rockville, Indiana

Rockville is one of those special little communities where you can get away from it all without giving anything up. This small town near Indiana’s western border with Illinois rests at the intersection of US-36 and US-41. These roads make it easy for you to get just about anywhere in the state if you even wanted a reason to leave Rockville. After all, there’s a lot about this charming community that seems to create happy and loyal residents. Give our realtors the chance to introduce this town to you, and we think you’ll want to become one of them.

Rockville is a slow-paced town where you can find affordable homes and affable neighbors. Many things draw new residents to this town every year, and there is a lot to enjoy. The peaceful streets of Rockville are a great escape from the city, and residents also love the wonderful local scenery, especially the large Rockville Lake Park.

Perhaps most telling of all about this community is the fact that it’s known as the “Covered Bridge Capital of the World.” There are few more defining points of Hoosier pride than these distinctive and charming covered bridges, and the area around Rockville is filled with the some of the greatest examples in the state.

There are many more reasons to love this town, and our realtors would love to introduce them to you. Talk to us today about the homes for sale in Rockville. We know we’ll be able to find a place you’ll love to call home.


Rockville Area Homes

Rockville homes are something else. The town has a long history, and the proud residents have done much to maintain the classic feel that this town is now so well known for. Even the nicest homes in town are generally affordable and come on lots large enough for you to enjoy some breathing room. In and around the town, it’s possible to find some homes that are built just off the lake, and our realtors may be able to land you one of these enviable spots.

Thanks to the people who continue to migrate to this pleasant town, there are plenty of modern homes with new features available. We may even be able to help you find an older and stately home that has been renovated with modern amenities so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Additionally, it may be possible for us to find a lot for sale with space for a home available so you can leave your own mark on the town.

While the small size of the town is one of the better benefits to the people who live here, they also typically appreciate the access it has to larger towns and cities. Rockville homes are perfectly situated to deliver fun and endless entertainment at the end of a short trip. Terre Haute is the closest city to Rockville and matches it in terms of historical charm. Indianapolis, a world-class city with every kind of entertainment, is barely more than an hour away. You can even take US-36 to get there.


Shopping and Dining

For a town of its size, you might expect Rockville to be short on the essentials, but that isn’t the case. From groceries to general goods to pharmaceuticals, you’ll be able to find just about everything you need right here in town. You also won’t need to make any trips out of town for essentials like banks or vehicle repairs. The town is very well-supported.

Even more than shopping options, the dining options are rich. There are plenty of the fast food options you might recognize around town, but the effort has clearly been made to protect the local institutions that are beloved by longtime residents. You can find local coffeehouses, cafes, and inspired interpretations of pizza and classic American diner food.

The options around town could probably keep you satisfied for quite a while, but you have so many more options if you wanted to make a short trip out of town. Terre Haute is well-respected around the state for its eclectic mix of restaurants—no doubt inspired by the creative appetites of the Indiana State University students who live there. Shopping options also abound in Terre Haute, especially if you’re interested in the latest fashions.

Given that it’s barely more than an hour out of town, Indianapolis and everything it has to offer can’t be ignored. Nearly any kind of shopping or food experience can be had in this first-rate city.


Culture and Entertainment

Natural bounties are one of the biggest sources of entertainment here in Rockville, especially if you like water activities. The Rockville Lake Park is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon and perhaps enjoy a picnic. You also have easy access to many great sections of the Wabash River from town. Of course, we can’t mention water recreation in the area without mentioning the massive Raccoon Lake Recreational Area. This one is a particular favorite for families during the summer.

Culturally close to home is the annual Parke County Covered Bridge Festival. This celebration of one of Indiana’s favorite forms of engineering draws in people from all over the state and beyond.


Careers and Industry

If you’re going to be looking for work in town, there are plenty of businesses that are hiring. Our realtors will be able to tell you more about which ones might most closely match your skillset. Many of the people in Rockville choose to commute to either Terre Haute (particularly for the university) or to the metropolitan area of Indianapolis. We can guide you to the best homes in either case.



The schools in Rockville are managed by the North Central Parke Community School Corporation. This respected corporation manages Rockville Elementary and Rockville Junior-Senior High School. Both of these schools are conveniently located in town and may be just a short walk for your children depending on where you choose to buy a home.

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