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Community Schools of Frankfort Market Report

Avg. DOM
Avg. $ / Sq.Ft.
Med. List Price

The house prices in Community Schools of Frankfort are indeed dropping at the moment. There has been a decrease in price of $67,544.75. There are several factors that can cause a price drop. Higher mortgage rates, lower demand, prices of comparable properties can all cause the price of a house to drop.

The housing market and house prices in Community Schools of Frankfort are going Down. The average house price is $196,950.00 and the average price per square feet is $124.49 per square feet. At the moment, the amount of homes listed is exactly 182 houses, with 30 with active status, 19 with pending status and 133 sold in Community Schools of Frankfort .

The most popular place to buy a home in Community Schools of Frankfort is 1210 - Clinton - Center. 1210 - Clinton - Center is where we have the most properties listed and there seems to be the most demand to buy a house. Some people love to live in the most popular areas of a city, and others prefer to live in an area that is less busy. Regardless of your preference, we have a vast variety of listings and agents to help you find a house in Community Schools of Frankfort .

The average amount of property taxes you would have to pay for a home in Community Schools of Frankfort is $1,262.74. It is important to consider property taxes when purchasing a home. Property taxes are tied to the value of the home. The more expensive the home is, the higher the taxes will be.

Properties in Community Schools of Frankfort are staying listed for an average of 61 days. A good way to tell if you are in a buyer's or seller's market is to look at the average days on market for homes in the area. A low number of average days on market indicate a seller's market whereas a high number of average days on market indicate a buyer's market.

The last home listed in Community Schools of Frankfort was 209 minutes ago.

At the moment we have 0 open houses that you can visit.

The cost of the most expensive home in Community Schools of Frankfort is $640,000.00. There are several reasons to consider buying an expensive home. They typically have great amenities, will be in great condition, and have plenty of space inside and outside of the home. Expensive real estate usually appreciates very fast, making it a good investment if you can afford it.

The cost of the cheapest home in Community Schools of Frankfort is $92,500.00 . Buying a cheap house can have many benefits including keeping your payments low, allowing more room in your budget to customize or improve the house, as well as allowing you to pay of your mortgage faster.

The date of the oldest built home in Community Schools of Frankfort in year 1890 and the newest built house is in year 2024.

The average size of properties in Community Schools of Frankfort is 1910.77 sq.ft. , the biggest one being 3584 sq.ft. and the smaller being 872 sq.ft. . The size of your family and budget are important factors to consider when purchasing a home.

Community Schools of Frankfort

The Community Schools of Frankfort School District serves the city of Frankfort and the surrounding areas. If you are looking to buy a home in this area, you will be pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere of commitment, innovation, achievement, and community that binds the system of six schools together. In fact, the schools alone may be a good reason to consider relocating to Frankfort, Indiana.


Suncrest Elementary School

The school has a contemporary 21st century approach to the learning process, aiming to provide its students with the best possible tools and instruction to achieve their ultimate academic potential. The use of modern technology is highly emphasized in the learning process and the curriculum is intensive and largely research-based. Parents, students, and staff feel proud to be a part of a closely knit community that considers each individual student’s success as a central focus. Suncrest Elementary is housed in a beautiful, state-of-the-art building, equipped with the latest classroom technology—which is available in every learning space.


Blue Ridge Primary School

Similar to other schools in the community, Blue Ridge Primary offers a safe and creative space for children to learn, develop, and grow both academically and emotionally. Technology plays a central role in the learning process and students are exposed to modern teaching methods at all levels. A dedicated student health service is available at all times and parents have the benefit of being able to constantly participate in the learning process through an innovative online platform, designed to keep them up to date with their child’s progress.


Green Meadows Intermediate School

Green Meadows Intermediate shares the view that technology is an integral part of a modern and effective education. The students are welcomed into a warm learning environment, where each is free to fulfill their academic and personal potential. A food service is available to all students. Parents are welcomed to take part in the communities’ social and cultural scene through regular activities and events throughout the school year.


Frankfort Middle School

Individual achievement, both personally and academically, is at the core of Frankfort Middle School’s mission. Technology is a large part of students’ everyday learning activities, and the school is currently working towards eliminating traditional textbooks with the goal to rely completely on educational technology. All teachers and staff undergo regular trainings to ensure that the school’s learning process is as efficient, relevant, and productive as possible. Parents play an important role at Frankfort Middle School, as they are encouraged to participate in students’ academic lives and are considered an inseparable part of the school’s tight community.


Frankfort High School

The area’s only high school offers a well-rounded curriculum and a safe and caring learning environment to all students. The school has a continuing tradition of a winning attitude in terms of academic excellence as well as in both performing arts and athletics. Diversity and 21st century skills are largely celebrated by both students and staff. There is a variety of options for extracurricular activities students at Frankfort High can join, including a number of language clubs, the National Honor Society, stage performance clubs, a dance team, a forensic team, various academic clubs, an active student government and many more. The following sports teams are available to students:

·         Cross country

·         Soccer

·         Cheerleading

·         Tennis

·         Volleyball

·         Football

·         Golf

·         Basketball

·         Swimming

·         Dance

·         Wrestling

·         Baseball

·         Track and Field

·         Softball

In any case, consider giving our professional realtors a call to get a better feel of the academic opportunities awaiting your child within the district or simply to ask a question. They are dedicated to helping you find the perfect home for sale in Frankfort, IN without the hassle and confusion of going through the process alone.

Tucker Customer Care, REALTOR®/Broker, F. C. Tucker Company
Tucker Customer Care
Additional Phone (317) 954-4768
F.C. Tucker Company
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