Photos are Key

One of the most critical components of marketing your home is professional, quality photography. Over 50% of today’s buyer goes online for their house hunt before they do anything else so what they see in that first look is critical. Virtual tours have gained incredible popularity as well so still photos and photos that are used as a basis for a video tour are needed.

Quality photos increase the likelihood that potential buyers searching online will want to visit your home or engage in a private virtual our. Your agent will work with you to select the perfect photos that showcase your home’s most appealing attributes. You’ll want to ensure your home is show-ready for the photoshoot by thoroughly cleaning it from top to bottom, decluttering, tastefully accessorizing, painting in neutral tones, depersonalizing and replacing anything that’s worn or broken.

If professional photos are not possible, there are some simple rules of thumb in real estate photography. Show off the most sought after rooms of the home and the unique features, pay attention to – and experiment with – lighting, don’t get too fancy with wide or unusual angles and use a tripod.