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As an affiliate, you and your agents will have access to the largest real estate marketing department of its kind in Indiana. We will act as your personal advertising agency, offering materials such as newsletters, personal marketing, classified ads and customized artwork. A host of creative services are yours for the asking. The only cost to you is the actual printing of the materials!

Training Services

We are known statewide for our excellent training program. Our unique approach to training and professional growth has been key in the strength and growing market dominance of our company. As numerous companies have become part of the F.C. Tucker family, education has been the means by which a common identity and commitment to excellence has evolved.

Relocation Services

We are affiliated with the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World™, which is a network of over 120,000 associates in 24 countries, generating over 1.4 million transactions valued at $380 billion annually. We provide training to sales associates on how to handle relocation and corporate housing transactions. Some of our franchises make enough in referral business to cover the cost of their franchise fee!

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We look at technology as a way to enhance your business. The size of our company gives us the opportunity to invest in systems that make agents and brokerages more profitable. That’s really our goal. Franchise partners have access to all Tucker tech offerings. We operate in a G Suite platform that makes collaboration and sharing content so easy and secure. We offer a single sign-on platform, one unified website which creates a powerful SEO benefits for everyone, a powerful CRM product and a customized virtual tour product. We are always evolving to keep ahead of the trends in this industry. As a franchise partner, we want to take the tech burden off your shoulders.

Recruiting Services

Our full-time Director of Career Development, Lynn Davis, assists our franchise office in coordinating recruiting systems to attract the most professional associates to their offices. Through our national reputation, Tucker continues to be on the leading edge of the latest trends in recruiting. Lynn Davis' book, Career in Real Estate, has helped managers and owners around the state find people who are truly interested in real estate as a long-term career.

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Referrals Services

Inactive agents may affiliate with this company and receive referral fees for incoming and outgoing leads. With only one phone call, our referral associates are assured that their clients will receive only the best service. We hold over 800 licenses for inactive agents, who refer over $30 million to our agents in the Tucker organization.

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