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10188 E. US Hwy. 36
Avon, IN 46123

Fax: (317) 273-1355

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Come talk to our Avon realtors who are ready to help at our conveniently-located office. We’re ready to help you with your Indiana real estate today.

Our Avon realtors are ready to give you all the assistance you need when it comes to buying and selling homes in this treasured community. The realtors at our office have been living and working in the area for many years and have the necessary local expertise to help. We’d love the chance to show you what it means to have some of the most experienced realtors on your side. We can answer any questions you have about Avon real estate.

Avon is a very peaceful and affordable community located just west of Indianapolis along US 36. Avon is still nestled out of reach of the rapid development that has overtaken most of the Indianapolis area, so it’s a bit more rural. That makes this community perfect for people who want to get away from Indianapolis, even if they’ll be driving back for work. Avon is famous for its pleasant small-town feel. The quality of life here is excellent, and the schools are top notch as well.

The Avon High School marching band has been considered among the top in the nation for years, and they’ve proven it by taking state and national titles for years running. The school also offers other high-quality extracurricular activities, such as the numerous Avon High School sports teams.

Avon Real Estate Services

Facing real estate challenges? We’d love to help. Our experienced Avon realtors can help with just about anything you need. Naturally, we handle everything involved with buying and selling homes. Finding serious buyers for homes for sale in Avon can be challenging, but we’ve developed strategies that make our realtors as efficient as possible. At our office, you can also get help with many other kinds of real estate problems. We can certainly help you through mortgage paperwork and the title process. If you’ve always wanted to pursue a real estate career, we’re the ones to ask. We manage one of the best real estate training programs in the state.

Why Choose Tucker?

Tucker is the first choice for many people buying and selling homes in Avon. We’ve earned a reputation for efficiency and professionalism, and we intend to protect it. We keep our edge by investing in some of the best real estate tools that exist on the market. Those tools are further supported by the giant real estate network we use to match home buyers and sellers as quickly as possible. We’d love to start helping you today. Contact us to get started.