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Lawrence Township Market Report

Avg. DOM
Avg. $ / Sq.Ft.
Med. List Price

The house prices in Lawrence Township are indeed dropping at the moment. There has been a decrease in price of $8,511.81. There are several factors that can cause a price drop. Higher mortgage rates, lower demand, prices of comparable properties can all cause the price of a house to drop.

The housing market and house prices in Lawrence Township are going Down. The average house price is $299,000.00 and the average price per square feet is $156.73 per square feet. At the moment, the amount of homes listed is exactly 1294 houses, with 136 with active status, 119 with pending status and 1039 sold in Lawrence Township .

The most popular place to buy a home in Lawrence Township is 4904 - Marion - Lawrence. 4904 - Marion - Lawrence is where we have the most properties listed and there seems to be the most demand to buy a house. Some people love to live in the most popular areas of a city, and others prefer to live in an area that is less busy. Regardless of your preference, we have a vast variety of listings and agents to help you find a house in Lawrence Township .

The average amount of property taxes you would have to pay for a home in Lawrence Township is $3,483.72. It is important to consider property taxes when purchasing a home. Property taxes are tied to the value of the home. The more expensive the home is, the higher the taxes will be.

Properties in Lawrence Township are staying listed for an average of 54 days. A good way to tell if you are in a buyer's or seller's market is to look at the average days on market for homes in the area. A low number of average days on market indicate a seller's market whereas a high number of average days on market indicate a buyer's market.

There is no data available at this time for Lawrence Township.

At the moment we have 2 open houses that you can visit.

The cost of the most expensive home in Lawrence Township is $2,400,000.00. There are several reasons to consider buying an expensive home. They typically have great amenities, will be in great condition, and have plenty of space inside and outside of the home. Expensive real estate usually appreciates very fast, making it a good investment if you can afford it.

The cost of the cheapest home in Lawrence Township is $108,750.00 . Buying a cheap house can have many benefits including keeping your payments low, allowing more room in your budget to customize or improve the house, as well as allowing you to pay of your mortgage faster.

The date of the oldest built home in Lawrence Township in year 1908 and the newest built house is in year 2023.

The average size of properties in Lawrence Township is 2735.51 sq.ft. , the biggest one being 12490 sq.ft. and the smaller being 672 sq.ft. . The size of your family and budget are important factors to consider when purchasing a home.

Lawrence Township

Covering the area of Lawrence Township, located in the northeastern part of Marion County, Indiana, the Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township is a public school district with eight National Blue Ribbon Schools. In total the district governs 22 educational institutions, including a Diploma Recovery Program, a Community Education Program, and an alternative school for at-risk high school students.

With two high schools, two middle schools, eleven elementary schools, and four early learning centers, this school district is one of the higher rated districts in the state with a 97% graduation rate and 75% of students continuing on to post-secondary education. The elementary schools are designed as magnet schools. If you are relocating to Lawrence, your children may be placed in one of these well-reputed schools:


Amy Beverland Elementary School & Amy Beverland Early Learning Center

Receiving an A rating from the Indiana Department of Education, Amy Beverland Elementary School offers a research-based curriculum from Grades 1-6 and is a magnet for Communications. This allows for an enhanced and challenging classroom atmosphere, with a tailored curriculum to each grade level.  Teachers here utilize the latest technology in the classroom, and lessons are catered to all learning types. Preschool and Kindergarten students in the Early Learning Center learn math and literacy skills in regards to everyday topics.


Crestview Elementary School

This Grades 1-6 elementary school is also a magnet school for Communications. Teachers at Crestview take their students’ educational success very serious and do whatever it takes to keep them on target. Teaching students to enjoy learning for learning’s sake and to embrace diverse groups of people are two of the main goals educators have here. Crestview received a B rating from the Indiana Department of Education.


Oaklandon Elementary School

This elementary school for Grades 1-6 serves as a magnet school for Environmental Studies. Students learn in a hands-on approach to learning, and the school boasts vegetable and flower gardens, a pond ecosystem, an outdoor learning lab, and students can even take care of chickens and ducks. 


Brook Park Elementary School & Brook Park Early Learning Center

Serving as the other Environmental Studies magnet school, Brook Park Elementary School provides students a hands-on approach to learning key scientific skills, including research, group study, discovery, and exploration. All classrooms integrate technology and differentiated teaching styles in order to best reach students of all learning types. The preschool and Kindergarten students at the Early Learning Center receive specialized instruction appropriate for their development.


Sunnyside Elementary School

Receiving an A from the Indiana Department of Education, Sunnyside Elementary is the magnet school for International Studies. Their rigorous curriculum aims to create globally-minded students who give back to their community.  Students learn about different aspects of global studies, from culture and foreign languages to sustainability and social advocacy.


Mary Castle Elementary School & Mary Castle Early Learning Center

Mary Castle Elementary is also a magnet school for International Studies. Teachers and staff bring their personal experiences and expertise knowledge about global studies to their students. Following a rigorous curriculum, students here take their first steps to becoming responsible global citizens. The Early Learning Center at Mary Castle is one of four early learning institutions within the district that is dedicated to providing a welcoming and stimulating learning environment for Kindergarten and preschool students. At this learning center, exploration, curiosity, and discovery are encouraged, creating a warm and progressive early learning environment where reading, writing, math, and project work are at the forefront of the curriculum.


Winding Ridge Elementary School & Winding Ridge Early Learning Center

Winding Ridge Elementary serves as an Inquiry and Performance Arts magnet school.  At this school, students who are in Grades 1-3 will attend one of the related arts classes (dance/drama, music, orchestra, band, visual arts, library/media/technology) on a weekly basis.  Students who are in Grades 4-6 get the opportunity to pick an Area of Focus (band, orchestra, media/broadcasting, visual arts, dance/drama or music/choir) where they’ll take that class several days per week. The Early Learning Center has trained staff specifically for this age group and gives appropriate instruction and care to get the littlest learners ready for school.


Harrison Hill Elementary School

At Harrison Hill Elementary School, students are exposed to much more than just the basics. This school, which covers Grades 1-6, teaches a project-based curriculum for many of the core subjects.  Harrison Hill is also a magnet school for Inquiry and Performing Arts, giving students the opportunity to explore band, orchestra, visual arts, dance, drama, choir, and media/broadcasting at an early age. Students who are Grades 4-6 get more in-depth study when they choose their area of focus.


Indian Creek Elementary School


Receiving an A from the Indiana Department of Education, Indian Creek Elementary School is the magnet school for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). The students in Grades 1-6 tend to use netbooks and iPads for their classwork and homework rather than traditional textbooks and pencil-and-paper assignments. Many of the assignments are geared toward project-based learning where students will use the scientific method to create hypotheses, observe, collect data, and draw conclusions.


Skiles Test Elementary School

Skiles Test Elementary School is another magnet school in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  This Grades 1-6 elementary school boasts a state-of-the-art Mac lab as well as a PC lab.  Students here are also taught to tackle real-world problems using the scientific method and working in project-based assignments.


Forest Glen Elementary School

This unique school is the only Spanish Immersion elementary school within the Lawrence Twp school district. The program is divided into two tracks: One Way Immersion is where students’ core subjects are taught in Spanish. The Dual Immersion track will have classes where half of the class are native English speakers and half are native Spanish speakers, and the class is taught in English for half of the day and in Spanish for the other half of the day. 


Belzer Middle School

Belzer Middle School, housing Grades 7-8, received a B rating from the Indiana Department of Education.  Teachers here have high expectations for their students in regards to both their behavior and their academic goals. They have the goal of making lifelong learners out of their students by getting them involved in their studies and keeping them engaged in the related arts and athletics.


Fall Creek Valley Middle School

Fall Creek Valley Middle School is one of two public middle schools in the district for students in Grades 7-8 and educates their students based on a small-community program. With this system in place, Fall Creek Valley students are placed into small-community teams creating a smaller school atmosphere, allowing students to connect with one another as well as faculty members who guide them through the learning process.  Students are given opportunities to expand their studies in the related arts and foreign languages such as French, German, and Spanish.


Lawrence Central High School

Established in 1941, this large high school offers a strong educational community and an engaging curriculum with many awards and achievements over its lifetime. With high-achieving students in each grade level from Grades 9-12, the school has been named the leading Spanish club in the state, offering the highest number of foreign language students in the Indiana University Honors Programs in 2000 and 2001. Lawrence Central was also named as a finalist in the National African-American Achievement Program. Amongst other achievements, the school’s marching band has won four ISSMA State Marching Band Field Shows with the latest victory in 2008. Lawrence Central’s esteemed show choir program is also no stranger to winning awards either.  Athletics at Lawrence Central include cheerleading, cross country, football, golf, soccer, volleyball, tennis, basketball, swimming & diving, wrestling, baseball, softball, and track & field as well as being named a national winner in sports writing.


Lawrence North High School

This high school, which houses Grades 9-12, is an exceptional school, offering more than 750  courses including Advanced Placement, Dual College Credit courses, International Baccalaureate, and Project Lead the Way. Lawrence North is the continuation of the Spanish Immersion courses where instruction in core courses are taught in Spanish.  Freshman are grouped together in their own team to help smooth the transition from middle school to high school. This school, receiving a B rating from the Indiana Department of Education, also offers many sports teams to choose from as well: cheerleading, cross country, football, golf, soccer, tennis, volleyball, basketball, swimming & diving, wrestling, baseball, softball, and track & field.


McKenzie Center for Innovation and Technology

This center specializes in advanced courses in STEM courses (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), but students can also take regular core subject courses here as well. They are well known for their robotics teams who sometimes travel out of state for competitions. Classrooms and labs are equipped with the latest technology to give students the opportunity to learn tools that will directly benefit them when they enter the workforce or post-secondary education.  Functioning as a vocational school, students can learn useful, relevant skills in fields such as collision repair, auto service technology, cosmetology, culinary arts, biomedical sciences, pre-engineering, business, computer technology, interactive media, criminal justice, health services, and construction trades.


Lawrence Advance Academy

This special educational facility is designed for students who work best outside of the traditional school setting. Teachers and staff here are trained to help students who need extra academic support, come display a variety of social and/or behavioral issues, help to create good attendance habits, and help develop good mental health. Lawrence Advance Academy is designed to help students earn enough credits to graduate who may not otherwise be able to do so in traditional settings and programs.

Whether you are planning to relocate to Lawrence Township or simply upsizing or downsizing within the area, our agents are the best and most knowledgeable around. Don’t hesitate to contact us to start the process of your move and find you the perfect home. 

Tucker Customer Care, REALTOR®/Broker, F. C. Tucker Company
Tucker Customer Care
Additional Phone (317) 954-4768
F.C. Tucker Company
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